Diabetology Consultations

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) in Sri Lanka as well as in the world. In the age group of 20-79, the prevalence of Diabetes is almost 11%. i.e. 01 in every 10 is a diabetic. Furthermore, stemming from the fast-increasing incidence of diabetes, diabetic wounds are also on the rise. This is primarily due to uncontrolled diabetes.


Hence one of our key objectives is to cater to this growing segment of patients with the introduction of a consultation service for diabetology.


The following Consultant Diabetologists can be consulted now at HEARTAID CENTRE

Dr. (Mrs)Chathuri Jayawardhana

Consultant Diabetologist / Endocrinologist

Wednesday 4.30pm

Dr. (Mrs)Milanka Wattegama

Consultant Diabetologist / Endocrinologist

Thursday 4.00pm

Diabetic/Non Diabetic Wound Care And Foot Care Consultations

Now, a fully equipped wound care/foot care centre is open at the HeartAid Centre. At this centre, the main focus is on the treatment of diabetic/non-diabetic wounds which are of a chronic nature.


Our team of medical experts are specialized in palliative care and wound care and is in operation 06 days a week from Monday to Saturday.

What is special about wound care at HAC?

At HAC we look at wound and foot care from a holistic perspective. That is, we will ensure that patients are given proper education on the measures to be taken to prevent the occurrence of a non-healing (chronic) wound and also on the treatment options that are needed to be followed to manage chronic wounds. In addition, medical advice will also be provided to high-risk patients on how to avoid wounds.

Dr.Thushan Gooneratne

Consultant Vascular Surgeon

Friday – 4pm

Dr.Thusitha Kahaduwa

Specialist in palliative care /wound care

Monday – Saturday – 4pm