Q: How long do the benefits of EECP® last?

A: Documented research has shown benefits lasting three to five years after EECP® treatment. These benefits include less anginal episodes, decreased nitroglycerin usage, increased blood flow on stress tests, and increased exercise tolerance.


Q: Can EECP® dislodge plaque and cause a traumatic event?

A: No. Our bodies follow the laws of physics, and one principle law is that fluid will travel in the path of least resistance. Atherosclerotic plaques are calcified and hard, and they create an obstruction that detours the blood through alternate routes. During EECP®, when your blood is flowing to the heart, it will naturally bypass arteries with plaque and enter healthy, non-diseased blood vessels to go around blockages. Throughout the EECP® cycle, these new pathways are reinforced and become lasting routes for blood to reach your heart muscle beyond blockages. Almost every EECP®patient has multiple blockages; no one has ever had a heart attack or a stroke as a result of the treatment.


Q: Is EECP® approved by the FDA? Have there been extensive studies on the treatment?

A: EECP® was FDA approved in 1995 for the treatment of coronary artery disease and angina, cardiogenic shock, and for use during a heart attack. In 2002, the FDA approved EECP® as a treatment for congestive heart failure. EECP® has undergone clinical trials at leading universities around the nation and been subject to over a hundred scientific studies published in the most prestigious medical journals throughout the world.


Q: How long does EECP® take?

A: EECP® is administered on a standard regiment of one hour a day, five days per week for seven weeks. This totals thirty-five one-hour treatments to complete a course of EECP®.


Q: What if I miss a treatment?

A: You are encouraged to make every scheduled treatment, but if you miss a day it will not have a negative outcome to the overall treatment. We simply add another treatment onto the end until you reach the thirty-five completed sessions.


Q: Is there an age limit for EECP®?

A:No. Patients as young as thirty and as old as ninety-five have successfully completed EECP® without any complications. Many of our patients are in their eighties and older and have excellent results.


Q: Does a pacemaker exclude me from having EECP®?

A: No. Pacemakers and defibrillators do not interfere in any way with EECP® treatment.


Q: If I have already had bypass surgery/angioplasty/stents, can I still have EECP®?

A: Yes. Most patients have had at least one of these procedures. They come for EECP® because they still experience cardiovascular symptoms.


Q: Who cannot have EECP®?

A: There are very few patients who cannot have EECP®. The individuals who should not be treated include pregnant women, those with a severe aneurysm (thinned & bulging vessel walls) in their aorta requiring surgical repair, and patients with active blood clots in their legs.

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